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» Adaptors / Converters
.. Incl. Cable and Power

» Add-On Cards /Controler
../IDE /SCSI /Printer

» Audio Visual /Multimedia
../CD /DVD Drives

» Cables - IDE /SATA
../USB /Printer /Serial

» Fans /Cooling Systems
.. and Power Supply

» Graphic /Video /PCI
../AGP/PCI Express Cards

» Hard Disk Drives

» Keyboard / Mouse
.. and Other Input Devices

» Monitors
../CRT /LCD and Accessories

» Multi Media /Sound
../Audio - Cards

» Multi Media Speakers
../Headsets & Accessories

» Mobile Racks and
.. External Enclosures

» Modems /56k /Broadband
../ADSL /ADSL2+ /Cable

» Mother Boards and
.. CPU's /Intel /AMD

» Network [NIC] Cards
.. Cables and Accessories

» Network/Routers/Hubs

» Printers /Scanners
../Multi Function Units

» PC Systems for
../Home /Office /Professional

» Software - All Applications
» USB /Firewire Cards
.. and Accessories

» Work Shop Service
.. Repair and Maintenance

» XYZ - Remote Access
.. Service and Maintenance


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Customer Care Information.

The components and parts sold in the Computer PC Shop, are selected from leading manufacturers for their “Quality”, “Utility (usefulness)”, “Serviceability”and “Functionality”.

All components and part carry the manufacturers warranty as specified by the, or on the, manufacturers web site or packaging.

Due care is given to the packaging of goods to guard against any accidental damage in transit by either the Postal or Courier Service you select.

Information regarding postal delivery, terms and conditions of service and warranties can be found here Australia Post Terms and Conditions

The Courier Service we recommend and use is “Couriers Please” and their terms and conditions can be found here Conditions of Cartage

Goods in Transit can be Insured by both delivery services. Options for insuring goods in transit are provided at “Check Out” time and it is recommended that for the small fee applicable to insuring the value of the purchased goods, that customers take the insurance cover to protect any damage or loss.

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